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2019 - 2021; Badger Class

Exciting Reading News- 14.5.21

Last week all of the children in Badger class received a brand new reading diary. Year 6 were allowed to take theirs home to decorate and cover them and Year 5 each received a fabulous space themed one. At the end of every day in class, we've been reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce and recording it in our reading diary. Every time the children read for more than 15 minutes, they can write it in and win a bronze, silver and gold badge for a certain number of reads. Some of our super enthusiastic readers have already got more than 10 reads recorded and signed so we're so excited for when they receive their first badge when they make it to 20! Every Monday after break Badgers also get to read independently in the outdoor classroom after break and have enjoyed discussing different books and authors in the sunshine. 

Mrs Katatwai and Mrs Costello have also re-started the weekly book review in Badger Class. Each week Mrs Kataiwai pulls a name at random out of the jar and the child that is chosen gets to complete a book review based on their indpendent reading book. Once they've completed it, they then win a special handmade bookmark. Their book review then goes on the wall for the whole class to enjoy! 

Well done to all of our enthusiastic Year 5/6 readers!

Remote learning


ALL children are expected to register with their teacher each morning. This will take place at 9am for Key Stage 1 and 9.15am for Key Stage 2. This will be via Teams, links will no longer need to be emailed to parents the link to join will automatically appear in your child Teams group. To log in each child has their own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format:, and their password is their first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016


How to find your daily work:


Your work will be published in assignments on your Teams group alongside the lesson videos. To log in you have your own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format, and your password is your first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016

You can then turn your work in so your teacher can  see it and give you feedback.

Our theme this term is 'Blue Planet' and we have some great activities planned for our learning. We are going to be finding out about the world's oceans and the problems caused by plastic in them. Hopefully we can also learn to take really good care of our amazing planet!

Your daily lesson worksheets will be posted here so please click and print them each day or collect them from school.

TT Rockstars sheets are here, just print the relevant pages each week. The starting point is week 15.

8.1.21 Maths lesson and reading resources

8.1.21 Fluent in 5 Part 1

Still image for this video
Due to technical difficulties, this video had to be recorded in two parts. Please watch both to see all of the answers.

8.1.21 Fluent in 5 Part 2

Still image for this video

8.1.21 Main Maths lesson 


Please watch the following video before joining in with the main maths lesson below:

Friday 8th January Main Maths lesson

Still image for this video
Please make sure you've watched the video link above before the main maths lesson:

8.1.21 Greta Thunberg Reading Comprehension
Thursday 7th January- Maths and reading lesson resources

Year 6 Fluent in 5. 7.1.21

Still image for this video
Please pause the video whilst completing the questions. Press play to hear the answers after you've completed your own.
Year 5's Fluent in 5 is on the Fox Class Page.

7.1.21 Main Maths lesson

Before watching today's maths lesson watch this video:


Once you've done this watch the video of our lesson below (will be uploaded today) and then complete the maths resources.

Main maths lesson 7.1.21

Still image for this video
KS2 Literacy video for Thursday 7th January is on the Otters page. Apologies for the confusion.

7.1.21 Blue Planet reading comprehension

Wednesday 6th January- Maths and reading lesson resources


Badgers- Please see Foxes class page for today's Fluent in 5 taught by Mrs Lait remotely and the maths sheets below for 6.1.21.


Choose a reading comprehension from the pack 'Layers of the ocean' below and complete the answers. 1 star is for the easiest challenge, 2 for medium and 3 for the most challenging version of the text and comprehension questions.

Wednesday 6th January Literacy lesson resources


KS2 Christmas Dinner 2020!

Rudy's Run! Today we supported the St Barnabas Hospice which is renowned for its outstanding end-of-life care for adults, but they also provide pre and post bereavement support for families too. We had lots of fun and raised money for this wonderful cause.

Curriculum letter for Term 2

Playing in the snow

Football session with Mr Eldred

Sir Captain Tom Moore Portraits

Geography-Map Symbol work

Wow! Take a look at our classes space themed artwork!



This week (2.11.20) in Badgers we did some Covid-19 safe baking. We baked in small groups after washing our hands carefully and making sure all of the equipment/utensils were cleaned thoroughly before and after each group. We really enjoyed making our rock cakes which link in with our 'Out Of This World' topic. Thank you to both members of staff for such an enjoyable lesson! Our rock cakes were so yummy!

Autumn 1 recap

Badger class have had a really successful first term back and have impressed all of us with their thirst for learning and enthusiasm. This term we have been learning all about Space! We have been researching the different planets and Neil Armstrong. We have written letters, newspaper reports and biographies which have been displayed around school. In maths the children have been working on the four calculations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and the children's knowledge and confidence is definitely improving. This week we planted daffodils which were kindly donated by South Witham Garden Nursery, a new business in South Witham. As we had raised awareness for mental health last week, by supporting the charity Young Minds, it was brilliant to hear the children discussing how much they enjoyed this calming activity and how excited they were to take their plant pots home.

Next term we are looking forward to continuing our Space topic! We will be adding amazing artwork to our wonderful sketch books with Mrs Costello and Mrs Kataiwai, baking some space themed food and learning all about fractions in maths.

Have a wonderful half term Badgers and well done for an excellent start to the year.

Miss Jackson


Earth and Space knowledge organiser

Harvest Festival video

Still image for this video

We wore yellow to help raise money for the Young Minds Charity- Autumn 1

PE Football- Autumn 1

Science- The solar system- Autumn 1

Religious Studies-Atheism, Agnostic and Theism

Daffodil Planting Autumn 1

PE- Dance Autumn 1

This term our topic in Badger Class is 'Out Of This World'. Check out this BBC link which is full of fun activities all about Space!

Wednesday 13.5.20 'Reading Silly SATS'

Thursday 14.5.20 'Silly SATs Reasoning'

Friday 15.5.20 'Silly SATs Grammar paper'. Please can you mark my work? You might find my answers a little funny....

A Poem for Year 6 children - class of 2020  🌈


Today is the day that SATs would have started,
The classroom set up and the tables parted,
The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,
Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,
Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,
Protecting your families from getting sick,
It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,
Being apart of world history,
You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,
You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,
You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,
And now the tests, they will no longer be,
Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,
“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,
Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,
Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,
And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,
How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,
'Lockdown' Year 6, let me shout it out loud,
You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,
So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,
And remember, we think you’re all wonderful! 💕

VE Day activities for lots of fun and learning at home

Stuck on a maths calculation? No problem!


Just go to the Classroom Secrets YouTube videos and watch the step by step explanations. For example:

In your home learning books you have two arithmetic and reasoning tests which you stuck in. If you need any support with these or any calculations on MyMaths, Classroom Secrets have created a variety of videos to help you.

Love Science and investigations?


The education team at Anglian Water offering a suite of 12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) based lessons online that can be accessed by your children at home at no charge. The first 6 are available now and the remaining 6 will be live on 22nd May 2020.


Water is essential to all life. The aim of the lessons is to help pupils think about water; how it is vital to life; what we need it for; where it comes from and how we can all use water wisely.

The lessons will (for the most part) follow a similar format:

  • Short introductory video/ talk or information sharing
  • Short investigations
  • Long challenge or activity (These have been designed so the children can access the activity with limited or no input from carers and guardians

Go to:


100 things to do indoors

Card making

Today in school we created cards for the children's parents and other key workers. We cut out a heart shape in a piece of card and then created a collage using tissue paper inside a laminate pouch. Once we had created our collages I laminated them for the children and they stuck them on the inside of the front of their cards. After writing a lovely message our cards were ready and we were very proud of them!

Monkey bread recipe!

A message from Young Voices


During a time when it is even more important to come together and sing, we will be bringing a little of that YV magic into your homes with our twice weekly #YVatHOME. Join in the online fun, music and movement sessions, that your children, parents and teachers can access and enjoy from your safe place.
Young Voices is a worldwide organisation and our friends in America and other countries across the world will be inspiring new projects whilst we stay safe in our homes, please watch this space and tune in to #YVatHOME on our social channels and on the Young Voices website for all updates.

Monopoly fitness game

Check out this handmade Monopoly fitness game for you to play with your families. Create your own chance cards such as 'Have a thumb war with a family member, if you win move forward one space'. Stay safe, healthy and smiling and have lots of fun! Remember to keep taking lots of pictures of your home learning to send in via email or using the school Facebook page.


WOW! Free maths resources!


Parents, you can now register for free on 'The Third Space Maths'. This website offers free maths resources. The most popular resources are the 'Times table practise packs', 'Code Crackers' and '100 arithmetic questions for Year 5/6'. These resources will keep our hard working Badgers busy for hours!


Just follow the instructions in the PDF below:




In school we created these wonderful colourful rainbows. All you need is a paper plate, felt tip pens and some bright wool and you can make one too!

A letter for Badger Class

Hello my Brilliant Badgers,


I hope you’re all safe and well and are enjoying your time at home. It’s so strange not seeing you every day and I miss you all very very much. I’ve really enjoyed seeing some of your home learning and putting the pictures on our class page. It’s amazing seeing how creative you all are and I’ve been particularly impressed with your artwork.


When I’m not in school working, I have been creating some colourful spelling posters for our classroom. I used different felt tips to make them as bright as possible. I have also been enjoying my one walk a day in the sunshine and seeing the beautiful nature near my house. When I went for a walk, I saw five different types of birds and discovered three more allotments full of fresh growing vegetables! It’s been a great time to get some gardening done and people have clearly been very busy. Have you discovered anything new near your house?


This week I made carrot and bacon soup. It was so yummy and I really enjoyed making it from scratch. It was very easy to make so I’ve attached the recipe on our class page, in case you wanted to have a go too. Whilst making it, I put on the song ‘Dance Monkey’ which reminds me of you, especially when you all dance to it during TT Rockstars. I have also been reading ‘The Twits’, one of my favourite Roald Dahl books before going to bed and have been taking part in Joe Wicks’ PE lessons each morning. The Spiderman move is so funny and I can’t wait to incorporate that into our PE warm ups!


I know that it’s strange not being in school and seeing your friends and teachers but it will be worth it in the end. I want you all to know that I am proud of your achievements so far this year and I can’t wait to see you all again. Keep practicing what we’ve taught in school and checking Education City and MyMaths, but most importantly keep smiling, being creative, having fun and spending time with your families. And remember to…

Easter Home learning grid- suggested activities

Check out MrMcGrammar on Youtube:


Tune in to his live lessons every Wednesday and Friday at 11:30am.

Wow! This clever Badger has been finding out about the civil war, corona virus and the evolution of the planet. This is a great time to find out about new things and take the time to really explore new areas of learning. Well done!

A letter to Badger Class

Yummy carrot soup recipe- recipe requires adult supervision


Here is the soup recipe I used at home. It was delicious and I would recommend it.

Have you got spare egg boxes at home? Check out these gorgeous art ideas!

Spelling Posters


During the cold weather yesterday, I've been keeping busy by making some new spelling posters for our classroom. Each poster will go on the washing line so that we can use them when we're writing.

Challenge: Can you create your own spelling revision posters in your home learning books? See if you can make them colourful and exciting so they stand out. Perhaps you could create a character to go with each one?

Free White Rose Maths


Keep practising all those wonderful maths skills on this free online platform. They have included weekly activities and the answers so you can complete and mark them in your Home Learning Books.

Chester Zoo are hosting a live video of all their animal enclosures. Check it out!

Google-Chester Zoo Live event and go on to their Facebook page:


Just some of the animals featured will be red pandas at 10am, Rothschild's giraffes at 11am, Asian elephants at midday and butterflies at 1pm

Then you can catch up with the Sun bears at 2pm, the Sumatran tigers at 2.30pm, the Humboldt penguins at 2.45pm and the aquarium at 4pm

Try this fun coordination and balance game at home!

Badger's home learning

Well this Badger has been very busy indeed! I think you'll have lots of orders when we get back to school, it looks scrumptious! Well done!

Free comprehension activities


Check out these free comprehension activities on Vocabulary Ninja! Remember to send any photos of your fabulous work into Mrs Hill; we always enjoy recognising your amazing achievements.

Live Learning

Check out these live learning links! This timetable breaks up the day into different activities children can join in with online. I particularly liked the 'Body Beats body percussion online lessons'!  Have fun! 


Amazing artwork!

Check out this amazing artwork! Why not have a go with your family at home? Badgers, we'd love to see your pictures to put on our class page. Please send them over to the office or Mrs Hill and enjoy being creative.


Education City


I have uploaded 6 activities for Badger Class on Education City. Once I can see that they have completed them I will upload new pieces of work. I have added fun interactive games which can be played on an iPad and phone.

A special well done to; Freddie, Molly, Isabel, Maisy, Scarlett, Jennifer, Amy and Jessica for completing lots of tasks!


Warning Zone activity pack


Here are lots of activities sent over from the Warning Zone! The Warning Zone is a Leicester based charity dedicated to teaching life-skills and safeguarding children. Check out this activity pack Badgers to help you learn some important life skills.

Make sure you check out the Wildlife Trust website in this lovely weather! They have lots of fun activities you can do with your families in the sun! I loved the Hedgehog and bird house ideas!

It's been wonderful seeing Badger classes home learning this week. Well done for being so creative and enjoying the lovely weather!

Home Learning

Science-Water resistance 
This week in Badger class we've been learning all about water resistance! Water resistance effects moving objects. We discussed that if you go swimming, there is friction between your skin and the water particles. This is known as water resistance. We molded our play dough to see if we could get it to float on the waters surface. We then tested if our play dough design floated or sank, Natasha's floated brilliantly on the surface because it was light and had a bigger surface area. We then timed how quickly the sinking play dough fell when we dropped it into water compared to when we dropped it through the air on to our tables. 
Miss Spiers and Miss Jackson then asked us to design a boat out of tinfoil that we think will travel through the water the quickest and will not be as effected by water resistance. As a class we had to think carefully about our designs as some shapes, known as streamlined shapes, cause less resistance than others. We're so excited to test them in the water next week and see who's boat is the fastest!

Water resistance investigation

Christmas party
On Friday we had our Badger Christmas party! It was so nice to spend time chatting to our friends and creating some wonderful artwork. We were given some yummy M&S hot chocolate and enjoyed drinking it whilst watching the crackling fire and singing some Young Voices songs. We also had a special visit from Mr Mason, it was lovely to see him and we showed him the work we had completed this term.
A few of us helped decorate the classroom Christmas trees and give out the cards from the school postbox. It all felt incredibly festive!
Warning Zone

This week Year 6 went to the Warning Zone in Leicester with Miss Jackson and Mrs Harrington. They participated in many life skill zones including, E-safety, road safety and water safety. We took part in a number of activities and discussions of how we would deal with certain situations. By playing guess who and cyber phishing we learnt to tell a trusted adult if there is something wrong and always have our privacy settings on our devices to keep us safe online. We learnt about the effects of drugs and alcohol and could see how difficult it was to complete simple tasks by trying on special visors which demonstrated the effect of alcohol. We also realised how important it is to frequently check the fire alarms and smoke detectors in our houses as we were shocked by the damage that occurred in the kitchen due to fire!



Dambuster experiment
This week Badger class completed their own ‘dam busting’ experiment. During WWII the inventor Barnes Wallis invented a bouncing bomb to destroy three German dams. The children re-created this by using a tennis ball as the bomb, cardboard boxes as the dams, cones to show where to ‘drop the bomb’ and cups of water as the river. The children in Badger class had to figure out a good angle for the ball to bounce three times before hitting the bottom of the box. They had to start off with their arm high and then lower the ‘bomb’ significantly before deploying, to simulate what the Lancaster bombers did. After a few attempts Badger class realised that the bomb needed to hit the box lower down just like the ‘bouncing bombs’ did in order for the bombs to ‘explode’ on the correct part of the dam so that the dam to burst.
It was lots of fun even if we got a little wet with all of the exploding dams!
Max Respect
This week the company 'Max Respect' came to teach us all about car safety. We were split into small groups and each group was given a sheet of white card, some bubble wrap, sellotape and a small piece of blue-tack. We were told that using these resources we had to make a car which would protect our egg from the impact of sliding down a wooden ramp. Some of us had done enough to protect our egg in our vehicle. For example, we had made seat belts to hold our egg in place when it impacted with the bricks at the bottom of the ramp. All of the eggs who were in a vehicle without seat belts were cracked or destroyed when they slid down the ramp! This clearly showed us how important it is to wear a seat belt no matter what sort of vehicle we are in from a car to a bus. The thickness of the egg shell was roughly the same thickness of our skulls so that showed us how easy it is to hurt our brains. This activity helped us learn so much whilst having fun and being creative!
Athlete visit 
We were lucky to welcome commonwealth athlete, Leon Baptiste, to school this week. He put us through our paces and talked to us about perseverance! As a school, we managed to raise £400, which is shared between athletes in need of financial support and school. We will be buying new footballs, rugby balls and basketballs!!
Here we are doing the 3 minute sport challenge. It was so much fun!
Long Division

We have been incredibly busy during our first week after half term conquering division questions in Maths. Year 5 continued to develop their skills using short division and Year 6 were introduced to long division. Miss Jackson even let us write on the tables so that we could easily edit our work and make out writing as large as we needed!
We have shown brilliant resilience and determination!




WW2 Rationing 
In Badger Class we learnt all about rationing in WWII. During WWII carrots were the home fronts secret weapon. The Ministry of Food propaganda machine convinced children that carrots on sticks were just as tasty as ice-creams, that eating lots of carrots helped you ‘see in the dark’ during blackouts, and that Dr Carrot would make everything better. Carrots were also used to sweeten cakes and biscuits replacing some of the sugar used in many recipes. Here we are creating our yummy carrot cakes with Mr Mason.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Mason for working with us and for being such a fun, caring and supportive teaching assistant to Badger Class. We have really enjoyed working with him and he has helped us to go from strength to strength. Good luck in your future endeavors and make sure you come and visit us!

Electrical Circuits


In Badger Class we have been learning about electricity. We worked in pairs to make a simple circuit. It was so fun and we showed great teamwork! In a series circuit, if a lamp breaks or a component is disconnected, the circuit is broken and all the components stop working. We could prove this by taking a component out of our circuits and seeing the bulb turn off. The current is the same everywhere in a series circuit. It does not matter where you put the ammeter, it will give you the same reading. We can't wait until our next science lesson!

This week we have been learning all about multiples in maths and have been doing lots of reasoning and problem solving. On Friday afternoon we played the 'Multiples Game'. We had to roll 3 die to create a 2 digit number. We then needed to match our 2 digit number to a question on the board to allow us to put a coloured counter down. The team with the most coloured counters on their board won! Now that we're in Year 5/6 it is really important that we know all of the times tables to help our speed of recall. Next week we will be checking our online score board and anyone who has been practising on TT Rockstars at home gets a dojo! We're really excited to battle our friends to see who can become a 'Rock Hero'!

Science- Electrical Circuits

Roald Dahl Day


Today was Roald Dahl Day and many brave children in Badger Class decided to try some Snozzcumber! 

Roald Dahl writes in his book the BFG:
'Big ears or not, the BFG needs to eat. Since he doesn’t want to eat “human beans,” he must settle for an “icky-poo” vegetable called the “snozzcumber.”'

Here are some of their reactions to the vegetable!

Roald Dahl Day

Presentation from SATs Parents' Evening

Congratulations to our Brilliant Badger, who represented Rutland in the Cross Country Championships!

500 Words and Swimming Certificates


Bible Times Visit

Life Saving Training

Making the most of the weather at Book Club!!

PGL Parents Information for Years 4 and 5

Examining the evidence - were the moon landings real or fake?

Investigating the Solar System using Fruit!!

Planets Research

Curriculum Letter Term 3 and 4

Some photos from our amazing day at Young Voices

Life Saving

Using Scrabble to help with our spellings

Ben created this PicCollage celebrating our school