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2019 - 2021; Fox Class

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Exciting Reading News- 14.5.21

Last week all of the children in Fox class received a brand-new reading diary - a fabulous space themed one for children in Year 4 and 5. At the end of every day in class, the children have been reading their Otter / Badger class book and recording it in their reading diary. Every time the children read for more than 15 minutes, they can write it in and win a bronze, silver and gold badge for a certain number of reads. Some of our super enthusiastic readers have already got more than 10 reads recorded and signed so we're so excited for when they receive their first badge when they make it to 20! Every Thursday, before lunch, Foxes also get to read independently in the outdoor classroom and have enjoyed discussing different books and authors in the sunshine. 



Remote learning


ALL children are expected to register with their teacher each morning. This will take place at 9am for Key Stage 1 and 9.15am for Key Stage 2. This will be via Teams, links will no longer need to be emailed to parents the link to join will automatically appear in your child Teams group. To log in each child has their own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format:, and their password is their first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016


How to find your daily work:


Your work will be published in assignments on your Teams group alongside the lesson videos. To log in you have your own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format, and your password is your first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016

You can then turn your work in so your teacher can  see it and give you feedback.

Dear Fox Class,


Firstly, we hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Yesterday, we were both in the classroom setting up and preparing to welcome you back for another amazing term, however, as you may have seen on the news we are now in another national lockdown.  It is with great sadness that we have to close again, but we are both here to support you, and together we will still have fun learning!


Watch this space for work to complete and lessons in our new virtual Fox classroom.


Take care of yourselves and we look forward to being able to see you again soon.


Mrs. Lait and Mrs. Robinson

Afternoon activities and Blue Planet activities are on the 'Class Page' next to Badger class. Just click on the large yellow star.

Fluent in 5 for Friday 8th January

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Maths video for Friday 8th January

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Fluent in 5 for Thursday 7th January.mp4

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Main maths lesson for Thursday 7th January

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Wednesday 6th January Literacy resources

Fluent in 5 questions for Wednesday 6th January

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Fluent in 5 answers for Wednesday 6th January.mp4

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Wednesday 6th January Fluent in 5 amendment

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Did you spot the mistake?

Main maths lesson for Wednesday 6th January

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Please watch this virtual lesson before completing the independent learning activities.

Independent maths for Wednesday 6th January

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Please watch this video for an explanation on how to complete the independent maths activities for today.

Pen licences awarded

Writing to inform

Timestable Rockstar champions - 60/60 in less than 1 minute

End of the first Autumn term


It has been a wonderful first term working with children from the Otter and Badger classes. We have worked hard on our place value mathematical learning, tried out different 'writing to inform' options and developed our VIPERS skills to aid our reading.


V = vocabulary

I = inference

P = predict

E = explain

R = retrieve 

S = summarise


Mrs Robinson and I look forward to welcoming you back after the October break.

Mrs Lait

Dear Fox Class


I came back to school this week, along with Mrs Robinson. We have been working in the Otter Classroom with some Year 3s, 4s and 5s, including two of our very own Year 5s!


It's been really lovely to be doing some of the daily activities we used to together like Fluent in 5, 60 second read and we've started When the Mountains Roared again from the beginning which was the new story from Skye which we had just begun. 


Every day, we have lunch in the shady area near the car-park, so if you wanted to give us a wave then it would be lovely to see you. I really have missed our time together so much although it has been nice to see my boys more. I'll attach a picture of Ollie who went back to school on Monday in his summer uniform. Don't laugh too much at his haircut. Guess who did it???!!!

Ollie back at school

A message from Mrs Lait and Ollie

Still image for this video

VE Day preparations in the Lait house

Saxon spot the difference from Ollie's Horrible History magazine

Catching up with Mrs Lait


Hello Foxes


I can't believe we're on Week 2 at home already! I just thought I'd share what we've been doing in the Lait household as I know how much you love hearing about the boys.


The boys have all made a rainbow picture for their bedroom windows. Freddie did his with hand prints but got more paint on his face, tongue and in his hair than on the paper! Have you made a rainbow picture in your house? The boys love spotting them when we walk around our village.


We've been doing lots of cooking. I took some pears home from the classroom and we made a pear sponge. Luckily I went upstairs to check what our classroom looked like and thought I better take the spare fruit home. Imagine if we came back to lots of mouldy fruit in our classroom! We've also made banana muffins to use up the brown bananas. It made me think about when we did the Rainforest baking in the art room. Those biscuits were tasty! Maybe you could have another go at making some of those again.


On the sunny days, we were outside a lot. I edged round the garden and the boys collected up the tufts of grass for the green bin. The neighbour next door has kindly given us some seeds so we've dug over a bare patch of soil to plant them in. Have you managed to plant any bulbs or seeds to watch grow over the next few months?


Ollie and I have been doing the Joe Wicks exercise routines. You would laugh if you saw Freddie thinking the plank is for crawling under bridges. Sam gets a bit cross as he prefers Postman Pat to Joe Wicks. 


Ollie is keeping a diary of his time at home, or the 'Coronavirus holiday' as some of you put in your cards to me. He's been doing some 'My Maths' every day, Rockstars (like you) and writing sentences. I think he needs your expert knowledge of conjunctions (FANBOYS or AWHITEBUS) though as his sentences are a bit short. He also keeps starting every sentence with I... and we all know how to start our sentences in different ways using ISPACE. 


We've started doing a bit of French learning too. So far, he has learnt where France is, the colours of the French flag and how to say 'How are you?' and appropriate responses in French. I challenge you to find out those phrases.


I really miss being with your all, doing our daily routine of learning and not being able to read an end of the day story to you. I was really looking forward to investigating more about the water wheels too. Hopefully it won't be long before we are all back together, sharing what we have been doing in our homes. Please take care and I hope to see you soon.


Best wishes from Mrs Lait and the boys x

Suggested Easter activities

Week 2 of home learning


While school is closed, we will post a weekly activity grid on here full of tasks for you to select from.  Please do send in pictures to our facebook page or ask us questions via facebook messenger.  We are here to support you.

Home Learning Activities

A designated space for school work

Joe Wicks Kids workout

Activities or links to try at home;

My Maths - Week 1

I have just had a look to see how you have been getting on with the My Maths activities. I'm very impressed with the amount of 100% scores. Well done to those of you who have logged in. Mrs Lait

Year 4 parents information about Multiplication Check

Welcome to Fox's Class page


Welcome to the Fox Class Page where you can find out about all the amazing learning and fun activities that will be doing this year.

Don't forget to check our Facebook page and Class Dojo for daily updates on the children's work.


Throughout the year, Foxes will be taught by;

Mrs Lait and Mrs Hill



We are always very happy to talk to parents but if you need more than just a quick chat, please arrange a time to meet when the teachers are not busy with the children and they can give you their undivided attention.


Last week in Fox class, we enjoyed learning about negative numbers by playing an Arctic explorer game this week. We also made rainforest cookies this week ready for the MacMillan coffee morning. We learnt that the vanilla, banana, coconut, sugar, chocolate and cinnamon in our recipe list of ingredients all grow in the rainforests.

Summer Fair 2019
We're creating our photo stand for the Summer Fair 2019 in Fox Class! Come and see our stall with our brilliant photo bunting and group pictures for sale on Friday afternoon.
Let's hope the weather is as nice as it was when we took them!!

Ancient Greek Mythological Monster Debate


This week Fox Class have been debating! We held a whole class debate based on who we believed was the most monstrous mythological monster. We used debate language and vocabulary techniques to contrast and compare our points to our opponents. It was really fun and we all showed excellent self control waiting for the opposing teams to finished their persuasive argument before taking our turn to persuade Mr Eldred that our chosen monster was the most terrifying. 

Ancient Greek Mythological Monster Debate

Greek Mythological Monsters Fact Files


This week Fox Class have been researching the Greek Gods with Miss Hosmer's Year 5's. We have created wonderful fact files with lots of information about how monstrous they were! The Greeks believed in mythical creatures such as centaurs (half human, half horse) and Cyclopes (monsters with only one eye). These would often show up in mythology too.



Greek Cooking


As part of our Ancient Greece Topic Mr Mason is taking groups to cook some Greek dishes as part of our Design Technology lessons. Once the group has prepared and cooked the dish we all get to try it, YUM! 
This week Mr Mason made Souvalaki. They were absolutely delicious and everyone really enjoyed them whilst we listened to our class story at the end of the day.

Thank you to Mr Mason for making D.T so much fun! We can't wait to find out what other Greek dishes we'll be cooking!

Greek Cooking

Meeting the Fox Cub

Last week we got to meet our class Mascot, a baby Fox! Thanks to Mr O'Dell for bringing him and letting us meet and stroke him. We got to learn lots of amazing facts about Foxes and really enjoyed asking questions about them and developing our curiosity (this weeks character muscle).

Meeting the Fox Cub

Spartan Warrior Visit


Today Leonidas the Spartan Warrior came in to answer our questions all about being a hoplite (a soldier for the Greek Army)! We came up with lots of interview questions to ask him, particularly focusing on his childhood when he was taken into the army at the age of 7! Leonidas was very impressed with our curiosity (a character muscle we have been working on this week) and answered all of our questions ready for our diary writing later in the week. We all decided that being a child warrior in Ancient Greece was not as fun as it sounded! 

Thank you Leonidas for visiting us!

Spartan Warrior Visit

Egg Parachutes


As part of our Space Topic we investigated which materials would offer the best protection for an object being dropped from a significant height. We each chose a material to protect our egg and wrapped it in this before putting it in our parachute. To make the investigation a fair test we dropped our eggs from the same height after a countdown (which was really fun to do)! We then collected our eggs to see the evidence. Once we had recorded this in a table it was clear to see that bubble wrap was the most successful material as the egg inside it had no cracks! 

Science- Egg parachutes!

Easter Egg Decorating


Today (5.4.19) we took part in the schools Easter egg decorating competition. We each decorated a hard boiled egg with lots of different colourful resources. It was lots of fun being creative and we worked really well as a team!
Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Decorating


Fox class have been going to Oakham School for swimming every Thursday. We have been going for a term and have learnt lots of new skills. This week was our last lesson so our two swimming teachers (who are very good at teaching) let us have a fun session for half of the lesson!
By Noah O’Dell

Over the course of this term we have learnt many things at swimming and have done a great job persevering in the water.Because of this we were allowed a fun swim session on Thursday!Everyone was allowed to play with their friends and use the floats in the water! Megan Isabel, Scarlet, Noah and I jumped in the deep end! We felt amazing afterwards because it was the first time some of us had ever done that!
By Madison Threlfall


Planets music composition

Our planets music composition

Still image for this video
Here is a clip from our class performance. We listened to Holst's Planets and then composed our own piece of music in small groups. We all chose an emotion that we wanted to convey when playing music about our designated planet and learnt that by using different instruments and volume we could evoke a range of feelings from our audience.

Pandora Story


This week (18.3.19) we have been writing our own Science Fiction narrative. Take a look at Jonathan's second page below!

Jonathan's Pandora Story


BeFunky Coding

We have learnt that coding is what makes computer software,apps and websites work! Behind every animation or activity we use on computers, there is a set of instructions which tell the computer what to do. We now know that just like any instructions,coding has to be clear and straightforward.

Here we are coding on the iPad's! Some of us even made our own interactive games by putting in a code.

BeFunky coding

World Book Day


On the 7th March 2019 we turned our classroom in to Starbooks. We read our favourite books and had juice and biscuits like we would in a real coffee shop. Miss Jackson, Mr Mason and some of our parents came in to hear us read! It was amazing!

World Book Day

Bible Studies Workshop


Fox and Badger class went to a Bible Studies workshop as part of our RE topic. We listened to some stories before taking part in 3 activities; Dressing up, food tasting and a quiz. It was so much fun!

Bible studies

Religious studies- Eid


In RE we've been learning about Eid. Eid is the festival at the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of fasting when Muslims give up eating and drinking during the day.

We designed and created our own packaging and made coconut truffles which are a brilliant energy boosting treat eaten at Eid. It was lots of fun and they smelt really yummy in the kitchen!

Eid Cooking

STEM- Shape Investigation


In STEM we created our own shapes using bottle tops to investigate and learn about the wonderful world of geometry. We had to try and make a shape with as many sides as possible and discover how many different shapes we could make using right angles.
Here we are having lots of fun!

STEM- Shape Investigation

STEM- Rocket Mice


Here are some action shots from our fun STEM Friday rocket fox activity! We had so much fun seeing who's fox could leap the highest!

The science behind it: Fox class know that the bottle used as the rocket launcher was not really empty: there was air inside it. We knew that air is elastic (squashy), and discovered that when you compress it, it pushes back and the pressure inside increases. In the activity, we found that the sudden increase in air pressure inside the bottle pushes hard on the bottom of the rocket, sending it flying high into the air. There were also two other forces acting on the rocket: air resistance and gravity!

STEM- Rocket Mice

Remembrance Day Artwork



On Monday 10th December we learnt all about Christingle. Christingles are made up of different parts, each one being thereto remind us of something. It was really fun making our own. Here we are having lots of fun!


STEM Friday- Building Challenge

Viking Army Dance

Still image for this video
In our PE lessons we created a Viking army dance. Here we are working as a team, getting lots of exercise and performing to our teachers/friends.

PGL Parents Information for Year 4 and Year 5