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Afternoon task - PE

See the link below for todays PE. Choose a song you would like to dance to and copy the funky moves!

Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year! To celebrate I would like you to try some delicious Chinese food - if you would like to, you could right a review or keep a record of the foods you liked and disliked.


Today I have kept phonics fun and given you the opportunity to consolidate sounds you have already learnt. You have done a fantastic job this term and thank you all for your hard work. There are some games provided below that you could play.

Reception maths

I saw some fantastic number bond machines made yesterday, well done for your hard work! Today I would like you to use your machines to make your very own number sentences. Challenge yourself by writing these down in your books. 

Year one maths

Today I would like you to play maths game to consolidate your knowledge on number bonds. I have provided some links below.