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Afternoon task - PE

Find a space outdoors/indoors where you can use static features to design a 30-minute workout! The activity suggestion below focuses on a tree but it could be stairs, chairs or picnic benches! How are you going to find a way to exercise?


Activity idea:

1. Warm up with some arm swinging and brisk walking.

2. Find 2 trees – run between them, touching each one, 10 times.

3. Find a big tree and put your hands on it at about shoulder level. Do 10 press ups against the trunk, keeping your legs straight.

4. Face a tree, leaning your hands on it. Curl up one foot behind you while keeping the other leg straight. Repeat 10 times with each leg.

5. Now lift one leg in front of you, bending your knee. 10 times on each leg.

6. Jump as high as you can and touch the trunk - how high can you reach? Repeat 10 times.

Reception phonics

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Year one phonics

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Reception maths

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Year one maths

Continuing with subtraction, I would like you to play some games, there are some examples provided in the photos.