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Welcome to our Home Learning page. Here you will find some extra ideas and activities which supported the work set by teachers during the lockdown. You may still find these resources useful.

Celebration Assembly 5.3.21

Celebration Assembly 12.2.21

Relaxing Yoga for families

Seven well-being activities for seven days

The powerpoint from the maths session delivered by Mrs Rawlings

Reverend Rush Assembly

A link to the Active Rutland Family Activity page, with ideas for keeping active at home

Vocabulary and grammar resources

Hints and tips for getting into a routine

Non-screen time activities

The National Aquarium Home Learning Sessions - every Friday!

Extreme Reading Challenge


Check out the Extreme Reading Challenge we've set this week! Go to Children, Class Pages, and then click on the Extreme Reading Challenge. We're so excited to take part and even the staff will be joining in! Any photos will be posted on the class page so we can all enjoy them!

Good luck!

Life Skills

Christmas reading book gift ideas

This week's Vocabulary Ninja words and resources

News Assembly - Who does outer space belong to?

Oxford Owl Class Logins

Some practical ideas for home learning

Vocabulary Ninja Words

Vocabulary Ninja Activity Sheets

VE Day recipes and ideas from English Heritage

This sheet has lots of links and ideas you could adapt for home learning

VE Day ideas from the Scouts and Guides (pre lockdown)

Some more ideas for fitness challenges

A Life Skills Challenge - how many can you complete?

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone.

While the school is closed, please check your class page for the latest activities set by your teacher.  These will be updated and a link will be sent out every Friday for you to access your new learning activity grid.


Please don’t feel an obligation to use but for any parents that would like further enrichment / support, these are the websites we would recommend. 


Latest message from Mrs O'Shaughnessy:


Another week has gone by and we would like to share some more links with you. We are seeing some brilliant pictures of children’s work so please, as usual, keep sending them in.


A maths link by the genius Gareth Metcalfe – online reasoning lessons for both KS1 and 2. We invest heavily in his resources at school  as we believe they are so good, so free ones are always a bonus!


Reach out  to reporters – brilliant resource to nurture curiosity - video stimulus to explore the wider world


Short videos to inspire writing for children of all abilities. Each video follows the same format of posing a topical question, watching a short video and then responding to question stimuli to write a 200 word response. These are a perfect way to engage learners with exam style question prompts or build up focused writing stamina.


Enjoy and remember to share your work!


Anna O Shaughnessy

This week's BBC daily lessons schedule - don't forget the programmes on BBC iPlayer too

Lockdown Reading Challenge

Coronavirus - A Book for Children

PE Bingo - How many can you do?

PE Bingo - a printable version of the picture above

BBC Bitesize - follow the link below for daily lessons from the BBC

This week's First News newspaper

Assembly - Follow the link below for this week's virtual assembly

Week 2 Letter from Mrs O'Shaunessy:


Dear Parents,


We hope everyone is having a successful second week at home. Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch with us sharing what you have been up to and some of the learning activities you have been taking part in. We love seeing them and have been busy uploading to the class pages on our website – if you haven’t already done so, log on and see if you are on there. Please keep the photos coming!

In addition to the weekly planning / teaching / learning grids which we are sending out at the end of each week, for each year group, we would also like to share 3 online learning tools with you that we feel may further enrich your child’s learning at home. Both teachers and parents have been sharing ideas and resources which we are finding invaluable and it is our aim to share with all parents across the MAT. Please don’t feel obliged to use we are just sharing some good resources if they are of interest!

This is a link to a resource which offers a wealth of ideas for parents which I think you will find really useful - it gives a bit more of a focus rather than lots of bitty activities. It’s main advantage is that it has ideas for activities and relevant links to resources, which can be aimed at one child and then differentiated up or down for older or younger siblings. There is also inspiration for self-led projects which opens up a whole host of activities

Whilst always trying to promote reading, the following website is excellent. Below you will find videos of books being read aloud, a writing response activity for each book, text-dependent questions, and a comprehension quiz.

You can have your child listen to the book or read the book independently with the sound off. The choice is yours.

After your child reads or listens to the story, DOWNLOAD the text-dependent questions, writing activity, and quiz for your child to answer.

Lastly a maths link – this is excellent for children of all ages – using a pack of cards to support learning in adding, sequencing and place value learning in 16 exciting games.

Just before I close, keeping children safe online is everyone’s responsibility and would urge every parent to access the following NSPCC website which covers every aspect imaginable

It really is so important and in such challenging times, knowledge is power as they say.

Please keep sending your photos and enjoy family time over Easter.


Anna O Shaughnessy

Your child's emotional wellbeing

In the last few weeks, our lives have changed a lot. We were in school with our friends and suddenly, we were all asked to stay at home. At the moment, there is a lot of worry around because of Covid 19. Having some worry can be really good because it keeps us safe, but when we have lots of worry, it can make us feel bad and make it hard for us to manage our feelings. This is normal and you are not alone. If you are feeling worried or scared, you may find it helpful to try some of the activities in this booklet.

The International Space Station can be spotted in the sky at the moment - why not see if you can see it?

Be Kind

This week's edition of First News

George's Giant Sausage Roll Recipe