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Monday 8th February

LO: To relax and create a picture.

It is vital to look after our mental well -being so here are some ideas for you this afternoon.


1. Go for a nature walk. Can you spot any flowers or any beautiful leaves? Admire the beauty of the world around you. Take an iPad so that you can take some photos and then create a drawing or a painting. Maybe take the leaf identification challenge on the link below.  


2.  Make a Goldsworthy style picture- use the link below.


3. Take a shape walk. How many triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons can you see? Make a picture using shapes.


4. Write a poem about something you have seen on your walk- paint a virtual picture in our minds with your words.


5. Go on to the  'Ten Pieces' website and  choose some music to listen to. Draw a picture after you have listened to the music. what did it make you think of?