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Monday 1st March

New genre. Writing to entertain.


LO: Make a word bank to help you describe the cloud.

Go outside and look at shapes of clouds. Perhaps take some photographs or draw a cloud. If there are no clouds, look at pictures of clouds instead.

  • Add labels to your photo or drawing of a cloud. These labels should describe your cloud in detail. Think of vocabulary linked to size, shape, colour, texture. Add as many labels as you can.
  • Use personification. Give your cloud a personality- what characteristics does it have? If your cloud were alive, what kind of person would it be?Is it kind? Generous? Optimistic? What's it doing? 
  • Add some similes to your cloud picture. The cloud is as light as../The cloud is like....
  • Add some metaphors. A metaphor is where you say the cloud is something and that something is untrue- but by telling this lie, it paints a picture in my mind. Here's are a couple of examples of metaphors.
  • The cloud is a ballerina dancing in the sky.
  • The cloud is a fluffy sheep learning to find its way home.
  • The brave cloud is a warrior with a mission.