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Monday 8th

Introduction: Listen to poetry.

There are lots of funny poems by A.F Harrold. Listen to a couple more. We liked: 'I Wanna Be a Wallaby'. It is really funny!


A. F Harrold doesn't just read his poems, he performs them. There are some some great ones and it is the performance of  the poems which brings them to life.


Spend some time just enjoying listening to him on this website. Our aim this week is to write and perform some poems ourselves.

LO: Write and perform a poem yourself.

So you have listened to some poems by somebody else, now it's your turn to write and then read a poem. Let's start off with a really easy type of poem- an acrostic. The PowerPoint above will guide you through what this means.  You could link your poem to the 'Blue Planet' topic or you could choose something completely different. The choice is yours!


So, write your acrostic poem and then perform it. Remember to upload your written poem on teams . You could also send a video of you reading it out.