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Covid-19 guidance for parents


Guidance for parents of children attending during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools are required to stay open wherever possible in order to provide childcare for children with at least one key worker parent or with an ECHP. We will also ensure that our vulnerable children are supported during this period of uncertainty.

The following guidance aims to clarify how we can work together to keep all children and staff safe in the school environment. All information is based on the DfE and PHE guidelines.


Eligible parents in need of childcare should let the school know in advance by email with as much advanced notice as possible so that we can ensure we have appropriate staffing levels in place. Please indicate the days you require and if you need Breakfast Club or KIA after school club. Once you are registered with us for childcare in school we will email you each week to find out your requirements for the week ahead. If your circumstances change and you do not require a place please let us know as soon as possible.

Children arriving at school

All children should enter school through the front door and school staff will greet them. Parents are encouraged to leave as quickly as possible. A register will be taken each day and this will be submitted to the DfE to monitor attendance at school settings during this period.

School Area

A designated area in each school will be used for activities throughout the day. It is important for the children to get plenty of fresh air too so outdoor play opportunities will take place at different times in the day. Lunch will be served in the hall and children will be seated at least 2 metres apart.

Social distancing

School staff will remind children to adhere to the government rules of a 2-metre distance between each other both inside and out. Please respect this when dropping or collecting children.


Staff will encourage and observe children washing their hands at regular intervals during the day. This should take at least 20 seconds and will be an active, fun activity wherever possible.

If children are going to KIA club (Brooke Hill only) this will be in school and staff will collect the children and then follow the rules above until children are collected.

End of the day

Children should be collected from the front entrance and they should wash their hands before leaving the building.

If a child presents with symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day

The child will be removed from the other children and adults in school.

Parents will be contacted to collect their child immediately. Please ensure that you arrive in a timely manner, as children can be distressed when they are ill and we will only have a small number of staff in school.

If you child has a cough and/or a temperature they will need to be in isolation for 7 days and all family members should self-isolate for 14 days (from child showing symptoms) or for 7 days from when they have symptoms themselves.

If parents are self-isolating then they should keep their child at home.


Thank you for your continued support at this very challenging time. We aim to keep staff and children safe.