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Welcome to Otters' page!

We have had a really positive first  few weeks and the children have been busy learning about rocks and soil! We are finding out about the different types of rocks and learning how fossils are made. We are also learning all about volcanoes and how they are formed.

Take a look at the knowledge organisers to see what we will be learning about in class!

Curriculum letter

Hello lovely Otters!


We are now just a week away from the start of an exciting new term. How time flies! There are so many things to look forward to. I know we will all be really busy and back in the swing of things again in no time at all. 


Our main topic is 'Extreme Earth'. We will be learning about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We will also find out what lies beneath our feet as we take a virtual journey to the centre of the Earth to see what it is made of.


In Science, we will be looking very closely at rocks. There are many different types of rock. Who knows maybe we'll become rock and fossil experts like Mary Anning? We'll be finding out about her too by the way!


The classroom is set out ready for your return. Take a look at the photo below! Everybody has their 'Fluent in Five' book in their place ready to start the day, plus you have a pack each with all the equipment you need. 



This week we have been extremely busy in school learning all about the 14th July and Bastille Day. We have also continued with our India topic and have made Diwali lamps. 


The class have been enjoying our class story, 'When the Mountains Roared'. This has led us to find out more about the Himalayas - where the story is set.  The story is all about a girl called Ruby and her friend Praveen. It tells of how they are protecting the mountain leopards from poachers. Consequently we have also been  learning about snow leopards and how they have adapted to live in the Himalayas.


We were lucky with the weather and  had fun with our class sports day where the water race proved very popular! 


Still image for this video

Hello again Otters!

This week is Art week -so get creative and have fun with the activities on your Home Learning Grid!

Some Otters have been busy with their artwork this week!

This week one of our Otters has been really busy using different block print techniques to create artwork.

In the first picture she used a cut potato to make block print patterns.

In the second picture she used cotton wool and string.

 In the third picture she  used a bunch of cotton buds to print the leaves on her tree.

Stay busy! Keep learning!

It's great to see some more photos and videos of your learning. Keep sending them!

These Otters have been really busy with their Science work on forces. We have been busy learning about friction, gravity and air resistance.The airplane designs seem to have been really popular and I am hoping that your home-made kites will be tested and flown now that the rain has stopped!

I wonder how many of you manged to reverse the direction of spin on your paper helicopters?

Forces- an introduction

Still image for this video

Air resistance-design a paper airplane so that it will stay in the air longer.

Still image for this video
Week  beginning 22.06.20: Magnetism and Flying Things!

Use the force!

 It's great to see so many of you enjoying  Science this week!  Some of you have been really busy finding friction, using friction and testing friction. You have also been thinking about gravity. I know that you were impressed with the online 'magic tricks' where I was using forces. My dining room floor is now dry again and we have eaten the tomatoes! Keep the photos and videos coming in!

Science - using friction and gravity!

Here are all the materials you need to support your learning in week 8.

Hello Otters!

How are you all doing? I hope you and your families are all well and making the most of the wonderful weather. I also hope you have all been able to get outside and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

My garden has been really sunny. The beans and peas are growing really well and I have remembered to water them every day! Even the carrots look promising. One slight disaster so far-I was growing some courgettes (I think they belong to the squash family) and unfortunately a huge great pheasant came along and sat on them. So technically the squashes got squashed! My potatoes are just beginning to peep through now and the raspberries are on their way! There is lots of blossom on the apple trees too so that means later in the year there will be lots of apples to eat too!


It has been great to get some exercise and take a break from being in the house. I hope you have managed to stay fit and healthy with your daily exercise too.  I have been out for some walks and am proud to say I remembered to stay safe with my sun cream and cap!

I have loved the photos you have sent. It’s great to see what you have been doing. I am so impressed with the home-made togas! Remember to send your wonderful photos to:


Anyway Otters, how time flies! It’s hard to believe it’s half-term week already!  There are lots of fun activities to enjoy on this holiday-week home learning grid.

 I wonder which ones you will choose?

After the holiday week, we will be having a look at forces in Science and I have found some exciting experiments for you to do at home! I know you will enjoy having a go at these.

Enjoy the half-term break!

Mrs Walker

My garden

Fearless Roman Soldier!

To my outstanding Otters,


I hope you’re all safe, well and happy during your time at home. I am missing seeing all of you every day and not having anyone listening to my endless stories about chocolate! At the moment, I have my plants to talk to chocolate about and somehow I don’t think they appreciate it as much as you lovely lot do!


I’m really enjoying seeing pictures of your home learning, please keep them coming as it brightens my day seeing you! If you send a picture to Mrs Hill, please check our class website page as you will definitely pop up on there. Please also keep checking our website page for website recommendations, daily activity ideas and home learning grids. I have also put lots of activities on MyMaths and Education city for you to participate in so keep checking these websites too!


As well as searching the internet for ideas to keep you entertained, I have been at home reading books, participating in indoor exercise and going out for daily runs. I have also been taking this time to learn new things myself which is great as I believe we can never stop learning. Even at the grand old age of 88, as some of you believe I am! Charming!


I understand that it is a weird time for us all at the moment. But please keep believing in yourself and being kind to your friends and family. It is such an important time for us to be there for each other. On the website, I have been posting daily activities and this week I have been adding a positive quote to the end of the daily activity paper. Perhaps you could join in with this and write positive quotes in your home or around the village on your daily walks? Anything to brighten up someone’s day!  Mrs Walker will be writing to you after Easter and will send you lots of fabulous activities to help with your learning until you come back to school.  


Keep smiling and being your superstar selves,



Miss Taylor



While school is closed, we will update this page with photos of your home learning and post a new activity grid each week. Here is the latest grid. Please send photos of your home learning to our facebook page and feel free to ask us questions via facebook too.  We are here to support you.

Otter Class weekly timetable - please feel free to have a look and copy into your routine at home!

Taylor's Chocolate History poster - please give this poster a read for some yummy chocolate facts!

Friday 3rd April - English, maths and topic ideas!

Friday 3rd April website recommendations: 


1. - this website has science, maths, computing and DT activities. There are also cross-curricular ideas which means that more than one curriculum area is covered through the resource. 

2. - for all the animal lovers! The RSPCA have included lots of activities such as going on a mini beast adventure, taking part in animal olympics and plenty more! 

3. - lots of arts and crafts ideas, Miss Taylor especially likes the Easter ones. 

4. - this website provides access to film clips and books to create stimulus for a lesson. The website does give lesson ideas or you can be creative and make up your own! 

Thursday 2nd April - English, maths and topic ideas!

Thursday 2nd April website recommendations: 


1. a brilliant website full of messy play, baking and science ideas 

2. - a website linked to Wildlife trusts, this website has lots of fun outdoor ideas! 

3. - creative writing classes with authors. A wide range of authors to choose from and plenty of activities!

4. - 7,102 books to choose from! Amazing! 

Scavenger hunt ideas!

Wednesday 1st April - English, maths and topic ideas!

Wednesday 1st April website recommendations: 


1. - this website, created by Amazon, allows you to listen to a library full of stories - perfect to listen to with a hot chocolate! Unfortunately, the website is only free for 30 days but this is a great way to get children engaged and enthusiastic about reading. 

2. download the PDF to access a range of active activities to do whilst at home! If you enjoy doing these activities then you can sign up to the newsletter to reciev3 future challenges! 

3. another website brimming with PE ideas for you to try! 

4. a website full of maths games. Aimed at a KS2 audience, some of the games might be a little complex for the Year 3 and 4 children but it’s definitely worth having a go! 

Otter home learning pictures!

30 day Art/DT challenge!

Tuesday 31st March - English, maths and topic ideas!

Tuesday 31st March website recommendations: 


1. although this website is based in America, there are some great articles and activities for your children to do for free 

2. one of the childrens’ favourites to practise their times tables 

3. a teacher is delivering a new maths lesson for Year 3 and 4 children everyday, available from 9am! 

4. access to lots of books at a range of levels! 

Monday 30th March - English, maths and topic ideas!

Monday 30th March website recommendations: 


1. White Rose maths is where we, as teachers, get our planning ideas from on a weekly basis therefore I would definitely recommend this website. The website has uploaded 5 free maths lessons with videos, resources and answers for each year group.

2. - one of the children’s favourite things to do is learn yoga with Cosmic Kids! A brilliant way to wind down after a busy day of learning. 

3. Duolingo app - this year, the children have been fortunate to learn Spanish with Mrs Hill, perhaps your child could continue learning Spanish or learn a new language? 

4. - learning maths with Carol Vorderman! Complete with a free times table check for the Year 4 (and Year 3) children to practise their times tables! 

100 things to do indoors

30 day lego challenge!

Friday 27th March - English, maths and topic ideas!

Friday 27th March website recommendations:


1. samples of reading comprehensions for your children to complete at home! Children completing comprehension work is as important as the child reading daily as comprehension allows us to see whether the children have understood the text meaning properly and correctly.

2. - view all the animals in Edinburgh Zoo live! Wow!

3. - Dr Chip's daily dose of science, engineering and computing.

4. - free musicals and plays you can stream online. Miss Taylor might try and watch a few of these!

Thursday 26th March - English, maths and topic ideas!

Thursday 26th March website recommendations: 


1. although going outside is limited at the moment, there are lots of ideas on this page that you could do in the safety of your back garden. 

2. - with the weather being so lovely at the moment, why not make the most of outdoor learning? Here you will find muddy maths lesson ideas! Sounds fun! 

3. - little bit of a late notice however this week is World Osprey week and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife trust have provided some home learning activities on their website for you to use. 

4. - David Walliams is definitely one of our favourite authors in the Otters class and now he is providing daily free audios of his stories on his website. Get listening! 

Nathan practising his spellings! Well done Nathan :)

Wednesday 25th March - English, maths and topic ideas!

I am a day early posting my website recommendations however tomorrow I am in school therefore will not have the opportunity in the day to look at websites for you! My 4 websites to try today are: 


1. - free worksheets for you to print at home 

2. - free home learning packs catered for each year group. You can download a PDF onto your computer which includes a range of activities for your child’s age. 

3. - every teacher’s favourite! Lots of resources and ideas for you to download for free! 

4. - a headteacher’s blog of her favourite website pages to use during school closures. 

Otter class busy home learning! Keep up the good work!

Afternoon all, 


Each day I am hoping to put 4 new website links to make learning at home easier for you! I would only like to put 4 links on as I do not want to bombard you with lots of information and this also gives me an opportunity to check the websites first! 


1. - illustrator Chris Riddell has drawn the pictures for the story, your job is to write the book! 

2. - a range of subjects from the curriculum to choose from. This website is free! You can also make a movie!

3. - coding made easy! Good for children who enjoy computing. 

4. - all things arts and crafts! This website is brilliant as there are videos included showing you how to make the the different items. 


All webpages you should be able to type in to your search engine and the webpages should be the first option. Happy learning!

Tuesday 24th March - English, maths and topic tasks

Last week in Otters class the children have been learning about railways in the Victorian times. The children started the week by acting as if they were children working in the railway stations during this period. This enabled the children to use their imagination and creativity for later on in the week as they began writing informal letters to their friends telling them how disgusting, dangerous and hard-work it was working in the train station. Please ask the children questions about the Victorians so they can tell you what they have learnt so far!