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Term 5 Curriculum Newsletter


On Monday we learnt about the different stages in a plant’s life. We acted out the process, starting off as tiny seeds before growing roots and stretching towards the sunlight. We then shaped our hands to create a beautiful flower and Hedgehog children pretended to be the buzzy bees pollinating the spring meadow. The children then wrote about these different stages and what a plant needs to grow successfully. 


Most of our Squirrel children are now on the last few red phonics books or have moved up to green! There’s a real buzz for reading in the classroom and they’re so excited to share and discuss the books they’ve been reading in class and at home. Every time they read 3 times or more at home, they get a special owl stamp in their reading diaries and lots of house points. Keep an eye out on Tapestry as we upload when they move on to the next book or any work they’re particularly proud of.


This week we started our new topic 'Growing'. We looked at what plants need to grow and planted sunflower seeds outside in the sunshine. We then wrote instructions for our friends to explain the different steps they would need to follow when planting their own plants.

In our Woodland time this week we explored our outside area and identified the different plants and flowers that have grown during the holidays. We then used water colours to paint beautiful pictures of these focussing on the different colours and blending specific colours together to create our paintings. We also started our new phonics groups and have been working really hard with our blending. Well done Squirrels!

Easter Celebration Assembly

Lunch Time Club with Mrs Gilbert

World Book Day 2023

Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Term 3 Understanding the World

Our Mobile Library Visit

Term 3 Maths

Autumn Term

Understanding the World

Reception Reading Letter November 2022



The Squirrels enjoyed an afternoon learning about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. They learnt that rangoli patterns are created outside homes for good luck. They created their own rangoli patterns using cue tips and paint and practiced their letter formation in coloured rice.



This week for Halloween we had a creative afternoon. We learnt all about Halloween and how it’s celebrated in different ways around the world. We then created spooky potions, pouring, measuring and mixing different ingredients. After this we printed pumpkins using paint and apples. We then drew the faces on to make them look scary with Mrs Duffin. Mrs Ayling helped us to make little pinecone bats before decorating Halloween cakes! The children played in the den which had been turned into a spooky house and created colourful pumpkin artwork with Miss Jackson.
What a brilliant afternoon!



As a school, we want to encourage children’s thirst for learning and continue to promote and support their reading in school and at home. Reading continues to be one of our key priorities as a school. Parents have an important role to play in helping their children to become better readers and to enjoy reading.

Squirrels have now begun reading their Read Write Inc Phonics blending books at home and in school and are beginning to blend their sounds. Here they are showing their blending knowledge in their writing!



This term Squirrel Class will be taught gymnastics as well as continuing to go to their swimming lessons on Friday. On Tuesday we had our first gymnastics lesson and Squirrels were introduced to the topic ‘Gym in the jungle’! During the set of six lessons this term, the children will learn to move and balance like different jungle animals. They will be experimenting with moving around, under, through and over small and large equipment. Finally, they will be creating their own gymnastic sequence. This week Squirrels thought about what animals they would find in the jungle and how they would sound and move. They had a brilliant time moving around the hall in several ways including, tiptoeing, waddling, walking, jumping etc. Some of the children in Woodlands were so convincing that they even gave Mrs Duffin and Mrs Ayling a fright as they walked through the green dense jungle across the hall! 

Autumn 1

Reception Phonics Parents Meeting- September 2022

Author Visit- 3.10.22


Gareth Peter, the author, came into see us today and read some of his stories to us. In class he read ‘Who will you meet on Halloween Street?’ The children loved listening to the story and asking the author questions. They were so excited to tell Gareth what they do on Halloween and could relate to the story. They were so excited they even convinced Gareth to read ‘Who will you meet on Santa Claus street?’. In Squirrel Class we are now using key vocabulary such as author and illustrator and are asking the children why they’ve books to share and enjoy at home.

Rosh Hashanah- 30.9.22


This week we celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, in Squirrel Class. Throughout the celebration Jewish people will visit their local synagogue (place of worship) for prayer and reflection; eat plenty of sweet treats like honey cake, apples dipped in honey. The children made Rosh Hashanah cards by using apples for printing and created colourful collages to decorate the classroom. They learnt how Jewish families greet their friends and neighbours and wish them a happy new year - or a Shana Tova.

Reverend Rush's September Assembly

Mystery Reader

We invited parents, Grandparents or any relatives to come into Woodlands (Hedgehogs and Squirrel Class) and surprise the children as “a mystery reader”. Children love having a relative come into the school to share their learning by reading a favourite story to the class. 

Thank you to this mummy for coming in to read 'Owl Babies'. Squirrel Class were fascinated by the characters in the story and sat beautifully listening and enjoying the story. 

Writing our names

Our First Day- September 2022