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Term 6. 

This term we will be looking at places we go on holiday. We have been talking about our own holidays that we have been on or day trips out with our family. 

Each week we have read a story that uses a different type of transport to move us around England and the world. We have read The train ride where the little girl went on a train to see her grandmother at the seaside, The Snail and the whale where the whale took the snail around the world and What the ladybird heard at the seaside. We listened to a story where Maisy went to visit her friend and to get there she went on a aeroplane and Jack and the flum flum tree where Jack built a boat to go to an island. 

We have been making lots of underwater creatures that you can find in the sea and experimenting with boats we have made to see if they float or sink, they all floated!!

The last story of term is the Tiger who came to tea! We have set up the home corner for the children to have their own picnics and they have made ice creams out of playdough. 

Dough disco- moving to music with playdough

Decorating our ice creams and ice lollies

Making a lighthouse: We painted a tube and then added glitter to the top

Making an Octopus

Father's day- our playdough faces of our daddy

Term 5

This term we have been following Paddington Bear on his journeys across London and even tried marmalade sandwiches. We have celebrated the Kings coronation by making crowns to wear, decorating pictures of crowns, orbs and bunting to put up in the room. We had a party snack time and decorated a fairy cake to eat.

We followed Paddington Bear from Paddington station, to the Tower of London to see all the sparkling crowns and Buckingham palace to meet the Queen.

Winnie the Pooh took a trip along the river Thames and met the King and Queen where Piglet gave the king a acorn to grow in his garden and we followed the Ladybird on her holiday to save the crown from Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len. 

We spread butter and honey on bread for World bee day and painted our own bee's and the children painted a river and then used objects from around the room to build a bridge across it. 

Following Paddington Bears Journeys

Bridges and water play

Term Four.

This term we have celebrated Pancake day and tried pancakes with different toppings. Mother's day where we made our mummy's face out of playdough and looked at the season Spring. We created some Easter pictures on our purple mash site and celebrated Easter by making chocolate nests. 

Pancake day- trying pancakes with different toppings

Walk to the river to see the frogs

Dough disco

Purple Mash Decorating a Easter egg

Term three.

This term we have explored the season Winter, made gingerbread men and celebrated Chinese new year by tasting different food and listening to Chinese music. 

Using Purple Mash to make music and decorate a picture

Term two.

This term we will be looking at the season Autumn. We will celebrate Halloween, Diwali, Children in need and Christmas!



Term one

All about me!

We have had a busy term and loved to play and explore inside and outside. We have been to the school field to collect leaves and conkers, kick a football around and score some goals. 

In the nursery garden we climbed on to pallets of different heights and made ramps for cars to go up and down on.

Inside, we have been choosing what we want to play with and made bread rolls. 

Mystery reader!

Yellow day.