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Our School Council Roles

Kayleigh Smith:

Chairperson — The chairperson runs the meetings. First, they read through the last week’s minutes to check they are a true reflection of what happened; if all members agree, the minutes are signed. The chair then forms and shares the meeting’s agenda with the school council and works through this.

Secretary — The secretary takes notes (minutes) in all meetings and ensures there are enough copies to be looked at for the next meeting. It is also their job to do the register.


Hannah Chidarikire:

Vice-chairperson — The vice-chairperson is to take the chair’s place at meetings if they are absent. They are also responsible for keeping a record of agendas and minutes, ensuring they are saved in to the appropriate folder on the system. These also need to be printed and added to the school council display


Leah Haynes with the support of the committee members:

 Treasurer — The treasurer sets budgets and records any money raised, donated, or spent through the school council.


Emily Totty and India Howlett:

Committee Members — These members listen to the chairperson and contribute their own ideas and the ideas of their class and vote on any ideas that are put forward.