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Remote learning

ALL children are expected to register with their teacher each morning. This will take place at 9am for Key Stage 1 and 9.15am for Key Stage 2. This will be via Teams, links will no longer need to be emailed to parents the link to join will automatically appear in your child Teams group. To log in each child has their own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format:, and their password is their first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016


How to find your daily work:

 Year ones only 

Your work will be published in assignments on your Teams group alongside the lesson videos . To log in you have your own Brooke Hill email address, which follows the format, and your password is your first name initial+surname initial followed by their year of birth, eg JS2016

You can then turn your work in so your teacher can  see it and give you feedback.

Reception to continue using Tapestry - daily tasks will also continue to be uploaded onto the class page.

Half term activity ideas

If you can, please make sure you go outside and have fun in the snow! I would love to see pictures.

Funky finger activities are so important to strengthen them little fingers and hands to prepare for writing. Here are some activities you could do while at home.

Hello Squirrels,

I hope you are all well and managing our home leaning. I know it feels different but we all have to stay at home at the moment. We look forward to the time when we get back with all our friends at school again. 

I wanted to say a huge well done for trying hard with your home learning tasks. I hope you have had lots of fun. It looks like you have!

Please continue to send photos of your work when you can and keep it safe in your home learning books. We love to see your work when we can.


Enjoy next week's activities, we have added some daily Winter walks to get some fresh air and talk about what you can see.


For our Squirrel parents - The Reception activity (though Year 1 might like to do too) for our science on Monday includes some ice cubes so you might like to prepare these over the weekend. Also, we have Home learning books and Tricky word/ Spelling print outs with the reading books for collection in the school reception area.


Many thanks,

have a lovely weekend, take care,

Mrs Gray

Check out the Extreme Reading Challenge we've set this week! Go to Children, Class Pages, and then click on the Extreme Reading Challenge. We're so excited to take part and even the staff will be joining in! Any photos will be posted on the class page so we can all enjoy them!

Good luck!

As it is getting colder this week - here are some fantastic ideas to use this as an advantage

Hello Squirrels,


I hope you are all enjoying the extra time with your families while we all stay home and keep safe.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again in class when it is safe for us to be back at school together.

You are all doing such great work and it makes me smile to see all the wonderful learning you are doing at home.

Keep showing your families how Amazing you are!


Mrs Ayling

Stick man

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Literacy task - Monday 11th January


This week are going to focus on the story 'Stickman'. There is a link below of the story if you do not have the book at home. I shall also upload a video of Mrs Ayling reading the story, so what this space!


Once you have read the story, your task is to go outside to find a variety of sticks - collect as many as you can find. Then I would like you to create your own stickman - remember how you did this are more challenges are coming up throughout the week.


Please take pictures to show us all your work!

Phonics task - Monday 11th January

On a Monday and Tuesday Mrs Gray will be setting the children challenges in phonics to read tricky red and high frequency words. Below are some picture of some activities you could do with your children to make learning these fun!

Reception maths task - 11.01.21

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Year one maths task - 11.01.21

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Afternoon task - Friday 8th January

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Make a picture of a snowy animal using bits of coloured paper or ripped up newspaper. An example of a snowy owl is shown below.

Year One phonics

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Reception phonics - Friday 8th January

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Maths task - 08.01.21

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Afternoon task - Thursday 7th January

Literacy task - Thursday 7th January


Now I know Christmas has finished but I would still love to know what Santa brought you on Christmas day. I would like you do write a list and draw some lovely pictures to show some of your favourite presents you received. 

Year One phonics task - Thursday 7th January

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Reception phonics task - Thursday 7th January

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Maths task - 07.01.21

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Afternoon task - Wednesday 6th January


This term our topic is 'blue planet'. We are going to look into detail about how we can make improvements for our world to be a better place to live. What I would like you to do this afternoon is find out more information of the topic blue planet. I have provided some links below that will help with your research:

Literacy task - Wednesday 6th January

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Year One spellings

Maths task - 06.01.21

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Hello Squirrels,


I really do hope you have had a lovely Christmas. I was so excited to see you all, to find out what Santa had given to you and hear all about your Christmas day. Unfortunately, we are not able to be together once again but it is to make sure we are all kept safe and when we are able to come together again, I am sure there will be so much more you have to tell me. 


Please keep looking on your class page for updates from myself, Mrs Ayling and Mrs Gray. We will be setting daily tasks, keeping you all busy until it is safe for our return. Please keep smiling and doing the best your can do, this is time to show your families how super you are!


Miss Charles

Squirrels Christmas Nativity

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Harvest Festival video

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Rainbow skittle experiment

Blending CVC words

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf

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Exploring different ways to sort shapes

Writing the sound 'p'

Squirrels exploring their new classroom

Welcome to Squirrel class

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Reception Early Learning Goals

Letter formation

Pirate writing frame

Pirates love underpants

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A message from the Squirrels

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Pirate names

Squirrels home learning

Science Experiment

Learning for this week

The Nigerian Clapping Game


Also known as Ten Ten. Players stand facing each other ,clapping their hands and moving their legs to a rhythm. They must ensure they don’t raise a leg directly facing the other opponent – which means it is OK for a player to raise a left leg when the other raises a right leg. Once a girl or boy raises the wrong leg, the other girl scores a point. Other hand-clapping games are also popular in Nigerian playgrounds - watch this group of children demonstrate one here.


Mr Barnaby has been very artistic learning about VE Day

Squirrels learning more and more

Video for Squirrels

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Reading idea

Pyjama rama 1st May

Can you complete this 30 day fitness challenge?

Fun idea for adding and subtracting numbers

Our learning continues

The Squirrels love to make a maze

The Gruffalo

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Some fantastic learning happening...

Great science experiments to do at home.

Hello Squirrels,


I hope you are all getting on okay. I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I have seen you. It has been very quiet here, other than my doggy barking telling me she wants a walkies. It was her 1st birthday yesterday, she was very spoilt and even got her own birthday cake.

I have been going on my 1 hour walk a day, it has been lovely to get some fresh air and some exercise. Speaking of exercise, I have also followed Joe Wicks every morning, which I find very difficult indeed.


I have started reading a book and nearly finished my first one, it has been very enjoyable. I can’t wait to start another one. Have you loved any books you have read? Or a book that has even been read to you?


It was lovely the other night hearing everyone clap for the NHS. I could hear loads of people where I live, even some were playing the drums.


I speak to Mrs Ayling every day. I have said how well you are all doing and we are both in agreement that we miss you all.


My highlight of the past two weeks has been seeing all the fantastic work you have done. You have all been so creative and had so many great ideas. Please keep up the hard work!


Miss Charles and Honey


Message from Mrs Ayling and Roo:

I hope you are all enjoying time at home with your families. I have seen some of your lovely pictures of you enjoying your home learning activities. It does make me smile to see you having fun with your learning. Missing all you little Squirrels. I hope you have a lovely Easter.




A letter to Squirrels

These are great to use as sound cards! If you are not able to print them, you could even make your own just like these.

Here are some activities we do in school:
- Splat the sound lay out 6 sound cards say a sound for your child to splat if they get it correct they get to keep the sound.
- Hold a sound up in the air can you find anything around the house beginning with this sound? Use an Ipad to take a picture.
- Snap turn them all around and find a matching pair (could be two sounds or sound card and picture with that initial sound).
- Hold the sound cards up shout out the sound if correct they get to keep the card, if not you get to keep it.
- Hide and seek hide some sounds around the room challenge your child to find a certain sound don’t keep it unless correct.

There are also some games available online:
- Phonics play (this is great and free)
- Phonics bloom
- Topmarks

Story time - Sleepy bear

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Story time - The Wonkey Donkey

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Busy Squirrels doing what they do best!

Art and craft ideas

The Squirrels have been busy at home this week, from morning fitness to DIY work.

Number formation PowerPoint

Celebrating Diwali - Rangoli patterns

Last week in Squirrel class, we have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. We have had some fantastic discussions explaining what foods contain sugar and the fruits we know. The Squirrels then had to decided what healthy ingredients we could add to our cakes to sell at the MacMillan morning, they chose raisins and banana.

Curriculum letters and knowledge organisers for Term 4

Topic information & curriculum letters for the Autumn term

Curriculum overview Term 5

Maths fun!

Reading with Miss Jackson

Getting to know one another

Reading Charlie Cook's Favourite book

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Welcoming new starters

Problem solving

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The Squirrels enjoyed playing in the water. They worked together as a team to create various paths and changed the route if it didn't work.

Doubling numbers

Travelling to the moon

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Today the Squirrels enjoyed going to the moon. As a class, we discussed that there is no gravity on the moon, so there is nothing keeping you on the ground. We spoke about how people may move before taking off in our rocket and having a go for ourselves.


Still image for this video

Meeting a baby fox

Splat the number

Our speed kick challenge

Enjoying a story from Mrs Caucett

The Squirrels celebrating Mothers Day

Meet our chicks; Sally, Jackie, Stuart, Bob and Kevin named by the Squirrels

Our new classmates

New arrivals to Squirrel class

Squirrels adding single digit numbers

Dance workshop

Still image for this video
The Squirrels' learnt a dance around the story 'Where the wild things are'

Chinese New Year with Little Hedgehogs

Freezing and melting liquids

Our New Year Resolutions

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Still image for this video

Christmas lights countdown

Still image for this video

Ordering numbers to 20

Still image for this video
The Squirrels worked together as a class to order numbers up to 20.


Class 1 Newsletter for Term 1

World book day

Class 1 - Term 5 Newsletter

Using beebots

Class One business ideas

Class One's Business Enterprise

Throughout the Summer Term Class One are going to be working on their very own business. All children in the class will be involved with making items in order to sell and raise money. Keep coming back to this page to find out more.

Volcano experiment

Still image for this video

Printing Dinosaur feet

Dinosaur fossils

Learning about weddings

Science week - breaking the ice

World Book Day

Finding one more and one less

Exploring musical instruments

Still image for this video
Making different sounds to represent the sea


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Making sounds to represent the sea

Speed kick challenge

How many skips can we do in a minute?

Still image for this video

Sorting 3D objects

Meeting Santa

Reading and writing words

Christmas Play

I have attached the Chrismas songs for the nativity this year, if you would like to practise them with your child.

I believe the date of the play has been put onto last weeks newsletter, however a letter will be sent home with the children one day next week to provide you with more information, including what they may need to bring in and timings.


If you have any questions, please ask and I shall try to answer them or at least find out for you.

1st December 2017