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Afternoon task - RE

To further learning after watching the link below you could:

Show a photo album or some photos and talk about your family. Take part in a discussion about belonging to a family and the varied ways a family can be. Discuss what you do with your families: sports, games, shopping, cleaning, washing, meals together, events shared. 


Discuss that children also belong to their school. Gather together different objects to show how you belong to school, these could be: badge; uniform; website, logo, pencil with the school name; aerial photo of the school. 



So this week you have learnt about the features of three different sea creatures. Today I would like you to create your own - you can make it as colourful and funky as you like. Think about what your sea creature will need in order to breathe, swim, see and hear.

Reception phonics

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Year one phonics

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Reception maths

Continuing to focus on length today - could you cut up pieces of string or paper and organise these into two columns of longer and shorter. You could also use the strips and put them in order, as shown in the example below.

Year one maths

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