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Thursday 12th February

Watch this inspiring video by Sir David Attenborough:

Choose one task: 


Task 1:  Sir David Attenborough- Find out more about him.

Who is he? Why is he famous? Why was he knighted? You could do your own research to find out more.

You could make a fact file or write a short biography for him.



Task 2: Alternatively, you could take a closer look at the animals in the video.

Which animals can you spot? You could make a list of all the animals you recognise.  Then choose one of the animals and find out how it has adapted to live in that environment. make a fact file and add some information. Maybe you could present your work as a PowerPoint. See if you can use some fancy slide transitions.



Task 3: There is also a comprehension activity which goes with the video. It has answers so you can mark your own work.