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Afternoon task - RE

Start by talking about a jigsaw. What do you know about a jigsaw? They have loads of pieces and not one piece is the same. We are going to picture ourselves as a jigsaw. If you made five pieces for a jigsaw with pictures to show who you are, what five things would you show? Some ideas are listed below;

- What is at home?

- Who are your family?

- Do you have pets?

- Do you have friends?

- Do you believe in anything?

- What do you like to do?

We all have different parts to our lives and to who we are. Open the links to find out about Charlie and Sara.


After watching the videos, you can create your own jigsaw with the five things you chose that makes you!

World book day

I would like you to choose your favourite story and read through it. Discuss what you like most about the story and why. Once you have done this you could use resources around your home to create the character from your story or design your own bookmark with features of the story. Pictures are provided for examples.


Yesterday you made a list of how you can save the ocean from pollution. Today using them ideas, I would like you create a poster telling people what they could do to ensure animals do not get hurt.

Reception phonics

Still image for this video

Year one phonics

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Reception maths

Yesterday you timed yourself doing different things for one minute. Today I would like you to do the same but estimate how many you think you can do before doing it. You can choose your own things to do or a sheet is provided below for you to use.

Year one maths 

I would like you to cut up the number sentences, greater than and less than signs. It might make it easier if you answer the number sentences first and then choose two to put side by side. Focusing on the answer, select the correct crocodile sign to put in the middle, for example; 10+0=10      <      20-2=18. Swap the number sentences around and see how many variations you can make.