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Thursday 21st January- Recycle, re-use , reduce

Here are some ideas for this afternoon. 

1. Make a list of ideas for recycling plastic bottles. Can you think of 10 things you could make with them?

2. Discuss the ideas together in class or at home with your family.

3. Come up with your top two ideas.

4. Now draw and label your top two ideas.

5. Make a list of instructions so that we will know just how to turn your plastic bottles into something really useful. 

6. Upload your work to teams.


If you get stuck for ideas, take a look at the resources below:


Here's another idea for this afternoon:

Recycle, re-use, reduce. What actually happens to our rubbish after we throw it away? What can we do to help? Find out with this video and set of questions and activities.

You could take a look at a video to find out what actually happens to rubbish after we bin it.