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Wednesday 3rd February

LO: To create a final neat, up-levelled version of a book review.

Edit your book review

1.Check your spellings.

2. Make sure each of the 5 sections is at least 3 sentences long.

3. Add more sentences if it is too short.

4. Add extra detail and make sure it hooks the reader in.

5. Does your review make your books sound enticing?

6. Check you have used  you used a tripartite construction.

7. Check you have been adventurous with your vocabulary choices.

8. Check for capital letters and full stops.

9. Check for commas in lists.

10. Check it makes sense by reading it out loud .


Read your review out loud to a friend or family member to see if they think they would now read the book.


Finally, add a picture and write up your final version of your book review for display. Upload your book reviews so they can be added to the KS2 display at school.