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Afternoon task - Geography


Year one

Literacy task

So as I read the 'scarecrow wedding' I noticed a lot of rhyming words, did you spot any? You could read the story again with Mrs Ayling and point out the rhyming words. Here are some of the words I heard:

- hay                       - shells

- arm                       - bee

- bells                      - day

- pool                       - alive

- road                      - drive

- me                        - farm

- toad                      - cool



Reception - I would like you to go on a rhyming hunt around the house. Could you find an object and say a word that rhymes with that object - remember it can be a real or alien word - but tell your adults the alien words.

Year ones - could you please write these words down in your books and pair them together to make them rhyme. If you found different words you could also write these down too!

Reception phonics

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Here is an additional blending game if you would like to play it.

Year one phonics

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Reception maths

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Year one maths

Continuing with learning tens and ones, your task today is to find two items around the house that you can represent as a ten and one. Different types of food are my favourite to use, for example: wotsits as tens and mini marshmallows as ones. This is mainly because you get to eat them afterwards.enlightened


Could you please create a table with two columns - one with the heading tens and one with the heading ones (as shown in pictures below). Write a number down and try to create that number using your items. Explore different numbers and go beyond 20 if you feel confident.