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Afternoon task - Music

Literacy task

Today your task is to complete a portrait of Sir David Attenborough - I am happy for you to use anything, for example: chalk, pencils, food, pastels.

Receptions – talk to your adult about the key features on your picture. If you would like a challenge you could try and label some.

Years one – once your portrait is complete can you please label your picture. Do not forget your adjectives to describe them features, for example: short, grey hair.

Reception maths

Still image for this video

Year one maths

To continue with our learning of one more and one less, I would like you to create a graph, as shown in the picture below. To decided the number you are going to work on you could turn some playing cards around or simply choose it yourselves (make sure you do not make it too easy!). Please work with numbers 0 to 20, challenging yourself beyond these numbers if you feel confident.