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Afternoon task - Music

Internet safety day

Today is internet safety day. It is so important that children know the importance of being safe online and how to identify the risks. Below I have provided various activities that support teaching your child about online safety.

Have your say: Take part in a discussion, answering the questions below.
Key questions

• Do you like going online? Why or why not?
• What do you like doing online?
• What things make us different online?
• What things make us the same online?
• How can we be safe online?
• What can you do if you need help with something online?
• Who can you tell if you feel upset, worried or confused about something online?


Emoji fun: Search for different emojis online, discuss the types of emojis
they see and the ones they like the most.
Key questions

• What is your favourite emoji?
• Do you think that the emojis represent everyone?

• What do you think that emoji means?

After looking at these, you could create a new emoji that represents you or an aspect of your identity.


There is also a PowerPoint provided below for discussion and logo sheet to guess their identity. 

You do not have to do all of these activities but please choose at least one.


Your 'One day on our blue planet' scrap book should now be complete. There should be four different animals that have come from various habitats. What I would like you to do today is look at your book and discuss what animals you have drawn and describe the types of habitat they live in. As you look through, think about which animal and habitat is your favourite and explain why. If you have a page left in your book, you could write a sentence about your favourite animal. Year ones please try and use the word 'because'.

Reception maths

Can you find two different objects around the house and fill the tens frame. What sum have you made? Can you try and write the sum down?


Year one maths

This week we are looking at number bonds. Today I would like you to explore different ways of making these number bonds, as shown in the pictures below. I would like you to work on number bonds to 10 in preparation for tomorrows video.