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Afternoon task - Music


Please listen to the story 'Marli's tangled tale'. This is a true story about environmental problems between humans and animals. Listen carefully because once you have finished listening to the story I would like you to answer these questions:

1. Who is the main character? What is their name?

2. What did the children have and let go of?

3. What happened to the weather? What did this do to the balloons?

4. What did Marli get instead of a fish?

5. What happened to Marli?


Reception - I would like you to discuss the answers.

Year ones - I would like you to write the answered down in your books.


Reception maths

Today I would like you to complete a picture diary of something you do on each day, like Jasper did. You may notice that the days are not in order so you could cut these out and stick them in the correct order.

Year one maths

Today I would like you to solve these number sentence problems, using addition and subtraction, listen carefully to the words to know which one you have to do. You could stick the challenge cards into your books and write the number sentence underneath.