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Tuesday 19th January

LO: To write a positive and persuasive music review.


If you need more time to finish off your Michael  Buble work, then please do so, rather than ploughing on with the next piece of work. Paragraphs need to have a least 3 sentences as an absolute minimum- and even then it's a bit short. So, you lovely folk, make sure your Buble review is long enough and detailed enough.


When I read your work it should make me want to rush out and buy the latest Buble album. The idea of this task is that you are persuading me that this album is absolutely amazing, brilliant and phenomenal. Oh, and do you see which technique I used there? Make sure you have got a tripartite construction in your review. Look at your vocabulary and see if it is exciting enough. Have you got some really great sentences or have you written hardly anything?


When you are happy that your review is definitely long enough and persuasive enough, then you can check it, edit it and finally move on to the next task....


This is the next task: Write a review  for an album or a band of your own choice.

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This needs to be a really wonderful review of your music. Make sure your paragraphs are following the IPEEL structure. Are your paragraphs long enough? Have you up-levelled the word choices? Have you  included a rhetorical question or two? Have you got some really short sentences? Have you got any complex sentences? Will it make people rush to buy this music? Make sure the answer to all these is a 'yes' before you move on.