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Tuesday 2nd February

LO: To improve our book review writing.
Let's see if we can take our book reviews to the next level. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what is needed in a review. How can we make our reviews even better?

Video- How to write a more detailed book review in 5 easy steps.

Still image for this video

Write your review on lined paper and split it into five sections, like below.

Aim for each section to be at least three sentences long.

1. Title

  • Give the title of the book and the author's name.

2. The plot

  • Write a summary of what happened in the story (but don't give too much away!).

3. The characters

  • Give an outline of the characters in the book - what are they like?

4. My opinion

  • Explain why you liked the book, with reasons. Include highlights and favourite sections.

5. Star rating

  • How many stars would you give the story and why?
    (1 = I would not recommend, 5 = It was amazing!)
This PowerPoint takes you through the five sections of your book review.