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Message from Executive Headteacher


Welcome to the Brooke Hill Academy Trust.


We are a multi-academy trust comprised of three primary schools in Rutland and Lincolnshire.


Our goal is to help every child fulfil their potential, by offering an all-round education, with opportunities for all to develop personally and academically.


You can find out more about our schools and our values here


About us

Brooke Hill Academy Trust was established in 2016 and comprises of three primary schools: Brooke Hill Academy, Edith Weston Academy and South Witham Academy.


Each school is unique, but we all share the same values when it comes to learning.


We make sure all our children can reach their potential through a rich and varied curriculum that builds on their prior experiences as they progress through their learning journey. Our academic standards are high, and we want to instil a lifelong love of learning in all of our pupils.


We provide opportunities for our children to broaden their horizons beyond the classroom, ranging from sports and arts to STEM and real-life experiences, which help them develop new skills and build their confidence.


There is a real sense of community across the Trust and children have the chance to work, learn and have fun with peers at each school. We share resources across the schools to provide as many different opportunities as possible, including use of our swimming pool at Edith Weston.


Our Executive Headteacher and three Heads of School work collaboratively, sharing their expertise to create a school environment that harnesses every child’s ability. We also have an enthusiastic, talented team of teachers and support staff, who are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for every child.


Our schools

We are one family, but we are proud that each of our schools retains its own unique identity, serving the tight-knit local communities they are part of.


Brooke Hill Academy in Oakham is our largest school with 350 pupils aged 3-11 on role. Brooke Hill is a National Support School and has successfully supported improvement in a range of different schools.


It benefits from a large Woodland Trust area adjacent to the school, which is used regularly for outdoor learning.  The school is a designated Forest School. 


The busy Breakfast Club opens at 7.45 and KIA After School Club is open until 6pm.  Both are run by school staff.


Our popular Pre School takes children from 3 years old and provides opportunities for children to learn in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.  We have built our ethos around the curiosity type approach which combines purposeful play with problem solving and child-led investigation. By adopting this type of approach, we aim to encourage independence and promote a generation of ‘thinkers and doers’ alongside academic attainment. Children begin their learning journey in a positive and happy way and are opened up to the awe and wonder of the world around them.


Edith Weston Academy sits on the shore of Rutland Water and also benefits from extensive grounds including a woodland and pond area. 


We enjoy close links with the nearby military base and are proud to welcome service families into our school, along with children living in the village and nearby villages.


The school also benefits from an indoor swimming pool.  This is used by all children in our schools and is open for family swim sessions too.


Our Little Ospreys Nursery offers a full curriculum, five days a week, for children aged between 2 and 4.  We offer a vibrant environment which has a safe and homely feel where children have access to authentic and real-life resources. We aim to create experiences that explore their creativity and imaginations as well as promote independence and self-confidence to ensure the children have a lifelong love of learning.


South Witham Academy nestles just over the border in Lincolnshire and joined our Trust the most recently.  The school has seen rapid improvement and is now delivering consistently strong results in terms of academic progress.


Little Hedgehogs Nursery opened in 2018 and is a key first step in our children’s learning journey.  We provide a fun and stimulating environment where children from 2-4 years can explore a range of experiences, giving them time to explore and investigate. The children are nurtured and encouraged to be adventurous and independent whilst making discoveries in the world around them with a curiosity type approach.


You can find out more about life at our schools by clicking on the links below.


Visits are welcome and we look forward to meeting new families.


Mrs Sharon Milner

Executive Headteacher



A Message from Mr Atter,  Head of School at South Witham Academy


At South Witham Academy we are committed to providing our children with a broad and varied education in a safe and nurturing environment so that they reach their full potential.


On 1st September 2016 a sponsor academy agreement began with Brooke Hill Academy Trust. Being part of a Multi Academy Trust is an exciting prospect for the South Witham school community, enabling us to offer a richer curriculum, increased resources and greater extra-curricular opportunities to benefit all of our pupils. This partnership will undoubtedly bring many advantages for our school but we will retain our individual identity. Indeed, each of the schools in our Multi Academy Trust, while united, is unique and reflects the values of the local community.


Our highly-motivated and passionate staff team strive to create a dynamic learning environment which encourages our children to try a variety of activities that will help them to develop academic, social, sporting and creative skills.


The entire school community worked together to devise our school vision and values and represent the beliefs we hold.

Our character muscles are:


  • Honesty and Friendship
  • Courage and Risk-taking
  • Respect and Self-Control
  • Curiosity and Exploration
  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Independence and Perseverance
  • Listening and Communicating
  • Empathy and Compassion


We greatly value the role of parents and carers in the development of our school. We try to operate an ‘open door’ policy as much as possible, meaning we are always happy to welcome parents, carers and visitors into school, while our weekly newsletter and website provide up-to-date information on school life. aim to play an active part in the local community, taking part in many local events.


We look forward to welcoming new children and their families into our school,


Kind Regards,


Mr Andrew Atter