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Year 5 Play Leaders

Hello, my name is Taylor.

I am brilliant at encouraging others and helping them to persevere when learning new skills.

Hello, my name is Jemma.

I am really organised and enjoy playing and running different games for KS1. I'm also kind and empathetic.

Hello, my name is Maggie Jo.

I really enjoy playing different sports and have taken part in a number of competitions. This has helped me to teach lots of fun games on the playground to KS1.

Hello my name is Harry. 

I am really caring and enjoy working with KS1. One of my skills is to teach new games that are both fun and fair on the playground.

Hello my name is Hannah.

I really enjoy helping the younger children form new friendships. I am really helpful and always incredibly kind which is really important when you're a play leader.

Hello, my name is Bailey. 

I am caring, fun and enjoy making others happy! I always try to be a good role model, particularly around the younger children on the playground.

Hello, my name is Dylan.

I enjoy playing with the younger children and creating new fun games for them to take part in. I also make sure that the games I teach can be played by anyone who wants to join in so that new friendships can be made.

Hello, my name is Freddie.

I'm kind, funny and caring. I also really enjoy sports and teaching these to KS1. I have been described as a brilliant referee as I have excellent leadership skills.

Hello, my name is Harvey. 

I am kind, caring and calm. I really enjoy setting up games and always respect school equipment. 

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