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Year 6 Play Leaders

Hello, my name is Kayden.

I am really caring and kind. I really enjoy my responsibility as a play leader and I enjoy looking after the younger children in KS1.

Hello, my name is Archie. 

I'm intelligent and creative and I really enjoy working with KS1 and running games on the playground.

Hello, my name is Skye. 

I have a high level of empathy and am reliable. I am also considerate, organised and enjoy helping others.

Hello, my name is Gracie-Mae.

I have lots of great ideas and enjoy encouraging other children to do their best. I have been described as a bubbly and fun person and use these skills when working with KS1.

Hello, my name is Kayleigh.

I am kind, helpful and fair and I really enjoy working with KS1. I love lots of different sports and enjoy teaching these to the younger children.

Hello, my name is Tearnie.

I'm a really good role model and have excellent self control. I always have a positive attitude and I'm really good at listening which helps me be a fantastic play leader.

Hello, my name is William.

I am super kind and I'm always happy to help others. I have been described as reliable with a good sense of right and wrong. Plus, I LOVE sports! This helps me to be a wonderful play leader.